Lomography Gallery Store İstanbul Opening Party Live Update 1

There’s something happening in Galata tonight. It’s still not too late! If you’re in town, get ready and come to Galata, because the party is starting soon!

In Galata, on the street Serdar-I Ekrem, where the famous Doğan Apartment is, on number 5, the place where Lomographic miracles happen, the place which will be the base for all your Lomographic activities will open its doors wide open tonight.

After the press check at 7:00pm, the party starts at 8:00pm for everyone!

The music will kicks off with Ahır Kapı Roman Orkestrası. After a special surprise, DJ Ali Gültekin, DJ Tufan Demir and DJ Berkay Uğur’s take the stage!

The music will be even more special accompanied with delicious mussels, special Taksim burgers and the drinks! Don’t be late! We want to see you with us tonight!

written by lgs_istanbul on 2012-03-29 #news #party #opening #gallery-store #live-update

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