Stunt Photography by Li Wei


What do you get when you give a stuntman a camera? Cleverly-produced acrobatic photos, no doubt! Chinese artist and modern illusionist Li Wei creates seemingly impossible set-ups for his improbable images seen below. Take note that Photoshop was NOT used!

Photo via itsnicethat

Sometimes, you gotta grab life by the ankles and hang upside down, like artist Li Wei likes to do. Using cables, scaffolding and elaborate mirror-gags, he shoots these almost unbelievable photos.

While his method is half performance art, half bag of tricks, digital manipulations is not part of the equation.

Photos via itsnicethat

“When I am hanging in midair, I feel frightened and have a real feeling of existence,” Li Wei says. “The sensation of being alive could not be created with Photoshop.”

Find out more at Li Wei Art.

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    Awesome!! How did he do that?

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    fun series!

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    Crazy guy

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