More Post Grad Adventures at Lund University, Sweden


Being one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, Lund University was founded back in 1666. It is the second oldest university in Sweden after Uppsala University.

The university campus spreads in different locations of the small city of Lund in the Skane region, located at the south part of Sweden. Over a hundred university buildings scatter around town, stretching from Lundagård park, adjacent to the Lund Cathedral, northeast of the town.

Lund University main building

Apart from being a true university town, Lund is also an exchange students’ town. I did my second semester of my masteral studies in this wonderful university. We had an Easter egg hunting activity in the Lundagård Park and look what I’ve found here in one of the trees!

Easter egg
Credits: lihooi

The stretch from the city center to the northeast side buildings is a pleasant walk during the spring. Lund University library was also established in 1666 and is one of Sweden’s oldest and largest.

Credits: lihooi

At the northeast side of the town stood the Faculty of Engineering LTH (Lunds Tekniska Högskola), one of the eight faculties of Lund University. I had most of my classes in Kårhuset, attended both the courses from Fire Engineering and Risk Management. General courses are all taught in Swedish but whenever they have international students, they switch the teaching medium to English. I love Swedes. :)


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  1. onexceptothers
    onexceptothers ·

    I was there till yesterday ! Lund really is a nice city to visit :)
    Thanks for the article and the wonderful lomographs that reminded me of my trip to Sweden !

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