Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sarawak #1: wandy_saeit


This month, let’s go across the South China Sea and hit the shore of East Malaysia! We are going to feature some of our most active community members located in Sarawak! Today, let’s explore the biggest state of Malaysia together with wandy_saeit!

Photo by wandy_saeit

Name: Mohammad Iswandi Saeit @ Wandy Saeit
Occupation: Government Employee
City/Country: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
LomoHome: wandy_saeit
LomoAge: 5

Hello, tell us a bit about yourself and your Lomographic journey.
Hello, everyone calls me Wandy and I’m super in love with analogue photography. Be my friend and you will know me better. In 2008, I started to get really interested in Lomography products when I discovered the unique and extraordinary results.

Nice to meet you, Wandy. Anyway, I heard that you are one of the founders of the local community group – The LomoHunter. When did you start this community and why?
Yes, I’m one of the founders of the local community group – The LomoHunter in Kuching, Sarawak. This idea came since I wanted to establish a local group in Sarawak to share my knowledge in Lomography and also to increase the awareness of analogue photography.

That’s awesome! Do you mind to sharing with us more about the outings, workshops, and events organized by this community in the past?
Usually, we organize outings during the weekends. In every outing, we determine a theme. Other than that, we also have an art exhibition with some Lomographs. This happens once a month at Kuching Waterfront, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kuching. The Ministry of Youth and Sports also invited LomoHunter to organize analogue photography workshops before. It’s a great opportunity and we are all proud to be part of the community and give a chance to share our knowledge about analogue photography to the public.

Photos by wandy_saeit

Were you born Sarawakian and which part of Sarawak do you stay in?
I was born in Sarawak and I stay in Kuching.

Tell us what do you love the most about Sarawak?
I love the multi-racial society, the clean and tasty food and of cause, the friendly people. This is a place like no other.

What is the food you love the most in Sarawak?
Roasted chicken, Mee Kolo, Laksa Sarawak and Ikan Terubok.

Where would you bring your friends when they visit you at Sarawak?
Sarawak Cultural Village, Bako National Park and Satok Market.

Where do you develop your films in Sarawak? Do you have any other recommendations, and what is the price and any other specific notes?
There is only one shop that does cross-processing in Kuching. It’s the Apollo Digital Lab. The price would be around RM15 for the developing and scanning service. Besides that, I develop my own black & white pictures too.

Show us your favorite photo in your collection and why?
The picture I took of a soldier walking by while eating ice cream.

Photo by wandy_saeit

Thanks for your time and recommendation! Before we wrap things up, do you mind to letting us know which Lomography product is your favorite and why?
Fisheye and LC-A would be my favourites as both of them are very easy to operate. It’s appropriate in all circumstances.

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