Losing a Camera but Gaining a Love of Film


This is the story of how I lost my first and only film camera, and how the camera changed my views on what photography is, and should be.

Hey there, I’m Cole, and I’m relativity new to the analogue world. I’m sixteen years old, so sadly, I was born into a world of digital horrors. Nonetheless, analogue mediums have always been around me, and I have always appreciated analogue’s charm. Its raw style, and its true to itself nature. I’ve been an avid vinyl collector and have always loved film and film cameras; but up until recently, it’s been more online browsing and window shopping than it has been using them. Watching videos and learning as much as I could about cameras and how they work, techniques and styles, and gazing at all the wonderful cameras that I wish I could use. and All that browsing led me here, to this little slice of internet heaven.

I was very quickly overwhelmed by inspiration and found the values of the Lomography world very appealing. I had to get involved and start doing this myself. So, I went to a few thrift stores around town and ended up buying a Konica Pop. It was in near perfect condition and it only cost me $4. So, that was a good deal. After going home and loading it with some film I bought the same day, I started shooting right away. I had some difficulties with it at first, because the sprockets were tearing the film, but I sorted that out quickly and started taking pictures. After that, I carried this thing with me everywhere. I saw photography, which is one of my passions, in a completely different way. There was a lot more freedom in it, and a lot more curiosity.

Unlike the pricey digital camera, that I worked very hard for, this 4-dollar camera that I bought at a thrift store was bringing me much more joy. I loved that I couldn’t see the photos until I got them back from the lab, and how if I didn’t like the result I couldn’t just delete it and do it again. Each photo has its own characteristics and warm tones. I was taking pictures differently and it felt great. For a camera that you could buy with change you would find in a couch, I treated it like the holy grail. It was my favorite possession, and the only film camera I own.

Unfortunately after only having it for a few months, I lost it. I was on vacation in Cuba and I was taking pictures of everything there. I haven’t gotten any photos back from there but I think I’ll enjoy them when I do. Luckily, I had taken out a full roll of pictures before I lost it, however, there was a roll that was half full, still in it when I did. I honestly have no idea where it would be; I looked everywhere for the thing and couldn’t find it.

So here I am, back at home, cameraless. It’s really quite sad actually, that it’s gone, but maybe whoever finds it will love it as much as I did, and it will go on many adventures with someone else. So there is my small tragedy—I lost a camera and a bunch of memories in it, and I’m itching to take some more pictures. I will buy another camera, hopefully more than that, but I won’t forget the pop. My first film camera, the one that showed me how wonderful film really is.

written by cole-westie on 2012-04-11 #lifestyle #travel #story #cuba #lost #lomography #sad #analogue-lifestyle #konica-pop

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  1. deja-mew
    deja-mew ·

    how tragic!! I do hope you find a suitable replacement for your lost friend soon. I've seen plenty of lomo cameras on ebay for under ten dollars, maybe have a look there? of course, having a brand new camera from lomography is a wonderful feeling as well. [:
    and, nice name, from one cole to another. ;D

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