The Biggest St. Patrick's in the World!

I’ve always heard that the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade was the biggest in the world! Last March 17, Jeabzz and I headed for the parade to find out if it’s also the biggest party.

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most widely celebrated saint’s day in the world? Anyone who has partied on Paddy’s Day with many pints of Irish beer and shots of Irish whiskey will not be surprised by this fact. Always a merry and inebriated party!

Credits: jeabzz
Credits: jeabzz & cc-in-paris

The Irish diaspora has assured that St. Patrick’s is celebrated all over the world. With its historic Irish community, the New York St. Patrick’s day Parade is the biggest in the world, as well as the oldest civilian parade in the world, with more than 150,000 marchers.

The day was sunny and warm and every one had their big smiles and obligatory green items.
The best models were as always, the kids.

And what about the party? Well, we saw many a merry that had one drink too many…but you wouldn’t want to see that, right?

Credits: jeabzz

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