Post Grad Adventures at the University of Edinburgh

Although it was short (only for one semester) I still have many good memories of the King’s Buildings at the University of Edinburgh.

Thanks to the Erasmus Mundus programme in September 2010, I started my masteral studies in Europe. To be more specific, I started in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Exact location? The King’s Buildings.

The King’s Buildings consists of mostly students from the School of Science and Engineering. Hence, many of the buildings were named after famous scientists, such as Alexander Graham Bell Building, Darwin Library, Fleeming Jenkin Building, and James Clerk Maxwell Building, which I think is really cool.

In front of the Engineering building

On the top floor of the Darwin Building, there is a cafeteria which offers a great view of Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat.

On the passageway from one building to the other. :)

In the King’s Buildings House (we call it the KB House), there is a gym and badminton and squash courts for the students. Of course, there is also a student cafeteria.

It snowed that year in late November while everyone in Edinburgh was totally unprepared. The snow accumulation was almost 1.5 feet high. I was actually hoping that the university would shut down for at least a few days so I could finally take a breather from my studies (the first semester of the academic year is always short and compact) but it was still OPEN! It was a pain in the ass to walk to the university under such condition.

Credits: lihooi

But now I do miss those days.

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