15 Years of Colette

Colette is a 700 square meter concept store located in Paris, rue Saint Honoré. This year, the store celebrated its 15 years of existence, and decided to organise a big festival on the 10th and 11th of March at the Tuileries in Paris.

On this occasion, more than 100 partners representing fashion, photography, music, food, games were present at the event in a 4000 square meter tent organising games, competitions, dance sessions Lomography, who already partnered with Colette a while back in order to create Colette’s own cute Diana F+ Clone, was part of the event !

Apart from from presenting some Lomography products and informing people about Lomography, the French Lomography team organised some fun competitions and workshops! During the 2 days of the festival, a competition was organised wherein the idea was to create the most fun 11th rule of the Lomography rules, and which had two lucky winners of a Diana F+ Colette edition (congratulations to them!), and a LomoKino workshop took place outside the big event tent on Saturday 10th afternoon.

After some theory explained by the talented fellow lomographer Mikah, we took part in a LomoKino movie directed by the also talented filmmaker Arnaud Martin.

I won’t reveal the plot, since the movie has not been shared yet, but it involves carnival, crime, and zombies… Watch out for it, because it’s gonna be a great LomoMovie! We had so much fun dressing up and being directed by Arnaud Martin! Unfortunately, I had to go before I had the chance to shoot my own mini movie with a LomoKino and try the camera for the first time, which was the last part of the workshop, but I had an awesome afternoon with the Lomography team, and I thank them very much for organising this great workshop!

Here are my photos from the workshop:

Discover here who won the 11th rule competition and what their rule was (in French). You can also view some photos from the Lomography team and the special reporter of the event steven_vdw.

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