A Springtime Escape at Uluwatu, Bali


Let us forget about the monkey-robberies, Uluwatu is the place that is definitely not-to-be-missed for a true Balinese vacation.

On our way from Kuta to Uluwatu, our driver kept telling us beware of the monkeys, while some of us shared stories about how the group of cunning monkeys in Uluwatu snatches the personal belongings of tourists in numerous ways. Without paying much attention to it, after about 1 hour and 30 minutes, we arrived in Uluwatu. Right before we left the car, our driver warned us once again about the monkeys.

Credits: lihooi

Standing above the edge of the cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Uluwatu Temple to me is the most spectacular temple in Bali. Upon entering the compound, we had to put on a piece of cloth around to cover our legs to show respect to the Holy Temple.

Credits: lihooi

The waves were so strong while the water was so clear that we were able to see a clear path of the waves even from the top.

Credits: lihooi

Apart from the breathtaking ocean view, the greenery at this area were simply amazing. We also enjoyed the sunset from the northern portion of the whole compound.

Credits: lihooi

Wanna feel the growing love atmosphere of this place? We have five couples to prove you this!

Credits: lihooi

Now, still remember our friends, the monkeys? They didn’t seem to appear in any of my pictures, so, where were they? Why bother mention? LOL. The truth is, they took away my friend’s cola and drank it, tried to remove the flowers from my friend’s sandals (twice), pulled my friend’s hair accessories, snatched the Oakley from my friend’s face (twice too!), and stared greedily at my earrings and necklace… so scary that we had to hide everything while they were near us.

But still, this place is definitely worth risking all these things for its beauty.

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