“C” is for Canadian, Catwalk, and Caitlin Power Fashion Show!

In part of the ‘World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto’ this season, Lomography Canada team was set to capture the imagination and involvement of the current fashion community here in Canada! Among many of the gifted fashion professionals, we were fortunate to meet one of the most intriguing designer from Calgary Alberta, Caitlin Power!

Photo taken with the LC-Wide and Lomography CN 400 35mm

When did you first get interested in Fashion?

I’ve been sewing and designing since elementary school. I took fashion classes in junior high, highschool, and continued to Lethbridge College for Fashion Design and Merchandising. I don’t think it was until my last year of college (almost 4 years ago) that I really focussed on the art of fashion. Before then, I only mastered the craft of sewing.

Photo taken with the LC-Wide and Lomography CN 400 35mm

Where did your inspiration for the A/W 2012 come from

The A/W 2012 collection was inspired by science, technology, and atmospheric purity. I was heavily inspired by space, and the shapes that are related to it. The dome shape (seen in the sleeves) was inspired by the moon, and the shape of an astronauts helmet. The style lines in the garments were inspired by the interior of a spaceship.

Photo taken with the LC-Wide and Lomography CN 400 35mm

What is your opinion about Canadian fashion vs the rest of the world?

I believe Canadian fashion is “different” from the rest of the world. Our top designers are Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh, compared to the late Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh. I don’t think Canadian designers are as adventurous as other countries designers, but that is because they’re following the market, and want to make money. I think Canadian’s are more conservative, and the designers who want to make money adapt to those consumers.

Have you heard about Lomography Cameras?

I actually just heard about them, before Fashion week. A photographer friend from Calgary came to visit and brought her polaroid Lomography camera.

If you could have any of our Lomography Cameras what would you like and how would you like to use it for your work?

If I could have a Lomography Camera, it would be the Horizon Kompakt. Since I’m very inspired by architecture and buildings, the Horizon Kompakt would be perfect to take those inspirational shots. I would then be able to use these for the collection moodboards. I’m not a professional photographer, so a simple-to-use camera is something I would go for. The all black makes it look sleek, and matches my design aesthetic.

See more of Caitlin Power’s collection.

Photo taken with the LC-Wide+ and Lomography CN 400 35mm

It was definitely inspiring to see the visual language of fashion and style that the collection was communicating. Caitlin’s collection proved to have one of the strongest and powerful character through the construction of the silhouettes and the architecture of the clothing!

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