Canada's Top Trend Setter: 'It's All Style To Me' Owner, Spiro


Canadian Catwalk season took over this month and it was truly an exciting time of the year to see the rise of interesting new designers, and meet with our Lomography Canada friends! We had the opportunity to meet with Spiro Georges Mandylor—artist, photographer, and the owner of ’It’s All Style To Me’ Online Fashion Magazine.

Photo taken with the LC-Wide and Lomography CN 400 35mm

Could you explain in few words your own personal style?

My style isn’t that complex. It’s a mix of classic, contemporary and trend elements. The best way to describe it is ‘James Bond villain chic’.

What was your favorite show this year?

From World MasterCard Fashion Week? I really enjoyed the Pavoni FW12 show because of its couture nature. It was something that I had yet to see from a Canadian label. Pink Tartan, David Dixon, and (off site) Greta Constantine also showed strong ready-to-wear collections. The knitwear from LINE, also very good.

What is your take in Fashion in Canada compared to the rest of the world?

We are a large land mass, but a small country. There are more people in the state of California than all of Canada combined. So given our size, we produce a lot of great fashion designers, make-up artists, stylists, and models that get recognized on the international level. I think it’s about time that the government stepped up their game and did more for Canadian fashion though. Private sponsors are great, but we need government to do its part to help the industry as well.

When did you first get passionate about Fashion and photography?

I’ve been passionate about photography for a long time. Until recently, street and travel photography on 35mm film is where I’ve done the bulk of my work. I don’t really do any studio work at the moment. I like to focus on targeting creative fashion photography from shows and events. The commercial aspect is very tempting though. Would love to try my hand at an online or print spread.

What’s your must have fashion accessory for s/s 2012?

The oversized bag is a must. The time has come for men to move beyond the traditional gym bag and/or briefcase. Many of the top men’s SS12 shows featured beautiful large leather designer hold-all bags that are not only stylish but also very functional.

Our Lomography Canada team attended the It's All Style To Me Fashion Week Party hosted by Spiro, and was able to get shots of the most eye catching fashionistas with the Diana F+ and the LCA-Wide!

Photo: Daniel, Dianie, and Interior Designer – Marc Contard (From Right)
Photo: Oliver & Bonacini Events – Aleen and Melissa
Photo: Models — Miki, Vanessa, and Kassandra
Photo: More beautiful people from the party.

Are you interested in more fashion news and updates? You should check out Spiro’s Magazine, It’s All Style To Me.

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