Agfa HDC 100 Plus: Is It Worth the Risk?


So, you keep getting expired film cast offs gifted to you? Or you’re flat broke and buy cheaper, expired film just so you can save enough to process it? The question always is, will it be worth the risk? Agfa HDC was more than worth it for me.

Credits: tofutiff

The guys from my lab have started saving the old film for me that well-meaning customers have handed in. I recently got back a roll of Agfa HDC 100 Plus that is believed to have expired about 11 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised! Of 36 exposures, 29 came out. Of course, with expired film, you always risk not getting much back and this was a great result for me.

The colors were more pastel than new film and the edges softer. Double exposures appear more ghostly and natural lighting comes out with a reddish tinge. In nearly every case, the results are quite surreal and make a film like this perfect for the Lomographer seeking adventure!

Credits: tofutiff

This expired film seems to fair better in well-lit conditions, so be sure to use your flash or wait for the sun to come out. As ever, whether the film is usable or not depends largely on how it was stored. As this is usually impossible to tell when it’s a hand-me-down, you really are hedging your bets with the older ones. Even if it’s 30 years old, give it the best chance by keeping it in the fridge once it lands in your hands!

Credits: tofutiff

This film review was written by tofutiff. Find more film emulsions for your use by visiting the Online Shop or Gallery Stores.

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  1. kosmios
    kosmios ·

    But was that a diapositive or negative film?

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