Tim Burton Exhibit at the French Cinémathèque in Paris


From March 7 until August 5, 2012 the Tim Burton exhibition will take place at the Cinémathèque in Paris. Numerous drawings and sketches, paintings, photos, figurines, mini movies are on display and recount the unique world of the film director. If you like Tim Burton’s work, and live or plan to go to Paris during the time on the exhibition, don’t miss it!

The Tim Burton exhibition has been in Paris for a few weeks now, and will run until August 5, 2012, at the French Cinémathèque.

In the 6 exhibition rooms, we can (re-) discover the dark and cranky world of the filmmaker through numerous drawings and sketches, funny and touching poems (often pairing with drawings), photos, fluorescent paintings, resin puppets, movie costumes, and more.

On the screens, some short animated movies featuring the small hero “Steel Boy”, some music videos or advertisements Burton directed, and short extracts of his most successful movies are being played. Many drawings and sketches are presented according to themes: women, men, couples, and clowns.

One of the rooms brings us back to Tim Burton’s youth, through school notebooks from the 1970s, sketches with a style still a bit far from the style we now know of Burton. It also mentions the period during which the young Burton worked at the Walt Disney studios.

In the last rooms, all the most successful movies of Tim Burton are presented in chronological order, with sketches, costumes, puppets, notes, and memos.

Among the main items are: masks from ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Returns’, resin puppets from ‘Corpse Bride’, resin mini heads with Jack Skellington’s different facial expressions from ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’, original drawings from ‘Planet of the Apes’, resin figurines from ‘Mars Attacks!’, razor blades from ‘Sweeney Todd’, and also a beautiful red dress that actress Eva Green wore in Burton’s latest movie that is soon to be released, ‘Dark Shadows.’

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Here are the details of the exhibit that you might want to take note of, in case you’ll be heading to Paris in the next few months!

La Cinémathèque Française
51 rue de Bercy
75012 PARIS
Métro Bercy

For more details on the exhibition, ticket price, and schedules, check out the official La Cinémathèque Française Website.

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