Flashbacks on Film: Young Lion


On this edition of Flashbacks on Film, we’ll focus on one of the most famous portraits shot in rock ‘n roll history. Surely, any rock ‘n roll fan knows the man on this photo. Read on!

Photo via Morrison Hotel Gallery

The popular photo above was shot by photographer Joel Brodsky back in 1967 during the “Young Lion” photo session with the American rock band The Doors. Brodsky was the photographer for the cover of the band’s first album, as well as for some of the photos included on the sleeves of the band’s records.

At the start of the photo shoot, Brodsky took photographs of the entire group. After that, he took the time to take photos of each member. Jim Morrison, the front man of the band, was photographed last. By that time Morrison had consumed quite a lot of alcohol, which helped loosen him up for his individual photo session. According to the photographer, the rock star was a quiet drunk but was stumbling around the set. At the end, they had to halt the session. Despite Morrison’s drunk state during the shoot, Brodsky came up with amazing photos of the band and of course, this iconic photo of Jim Morrison.

The Jim Morrison portrait was used on the band’s compilation albums, books, and other The Doors memorabilia.

Read more articles on Flashbacks on Film. Sources used for this article include Waiting for the Sun and Morrison Hotel Gallery.

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