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Nothing but awe for these amazing underwater ink photographs by Italian artist Alberto Seveso. He is able to integrate art, beauty, and even fun into his incredible images. Find out more about Seveso who is as evanescent as his work.

Sure, there are many artists who take photos of swirling, curling plumes of ink underwater but none of them are as vibrant in color and impressive in detail as Milan-based Alberto Seveso’s work.

Photos via thiscolossal

I swear, those colorful clouds of ink make me wish they were actually made of Kool Aid because I just wanna stick a straw through my computer screen and drink it all up!

For the other kids-at-heart out there like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this Lego ink surfer.

Photos via thiscolossal

Isn’t it great? Good to know that the master photographer thinks about different kinds of viewers, including children.

He has yet another series of underwater ink photos, this time, superimposed on beauty shots. I wouldn’t be surprised if these make their way to a cosmetic brand’s ad campaign.

Photos via behance

Seveso says of himself, “Does not really matter who I am or where I come from, the world has no borders. My illustrations speak for me, if you are interested to my artworks ==contact me.==”

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