Expired Kodak VS Film: A Glowing Blue Review


I recently purchased a pack of expired Kodak E100VS 120 film from the Toronto Lomography Store. If you are a fan of blue, this is a film for you.

Credits: stevebarberoffice

Kodak has recently announced that it will no longer produce ektachrome film! So I wandered down to the Toronto Lomography store to see what I could find. Turns out they had a box of 120 Kodak E100VS film, so I snapped it up and headed to Kensington Market to snap some shots with my Diana F+ and 55mm wide-angle lens.

Credits: stevebarberoffice

With tons of sunlight, this film showed some great blues and greens. Some great vignetting too!

Credits: stevebarberoffice

Great yellows and solid contrast!

Credits: stevebarberoffice

I did notice that shots directly into the sun looked a bit more washed out than I am used to.

I peeled open another roll and slapped on the Close-up adaptor for the Diana F+ 55mm wide-angle lens and my Ringflash and headed over to Trinity Bellwoods Park. Knowing that Kodak films often drift blue when cross-processed, I put the blue gel on the ringflash to give it a boost!

Credits: stevebarberoffice

Some turned out a bit over-exposed, but not sure if that was the expired film or my shutter setting.

I have always loved Kodak Ektachrome films, and now that they are no longer in production we may all be settling for expired rolls soon. But worry not, these expired films, if stored with care, will continue to bring spectacular colour and contrast to your shots.

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  1. emilios
    emilios ·

    Indeed its a great film. Used it alot! Great pictures

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