A Small Compilation of Self Portraits

Looking back through my albums for this article request, I’ve noticed that I actually don’t have a lot of self portraits. I’m going to make this my mission going forward, but in the meantime, here are the very few I found and the stories behind them…

Credits: lamp

My Foot.
Last Summer, two of my very good friends got married in Cornwall and a very special and joyous afternoon was spent on a boat. The bubbles were flowing and music playing – this shot to me, sums up that beautiful Cornish summer’s day.Taken while sitting at the stern of the boat, supping my drink, and soaking up the atmosphere for whatever reason, I decided to take a shot of my foot. Now, whenever I see this picture, I smile to myself and think back of that lovely summer’s day.

Credits: lamp

Invisible Me.
This was my first-ever self portrait and while it’s a fail on that score, I loved the way it came out. I think it could be an album cover with its moody double exposure. Oh, and if you look very carefully, you can just about make me out with my Diana.

Credits: lamp

Me & My Shadow(s).
Taken during my year away of traveling, having spent a day driving in Australia, we pulled up alongside a tempting stretch of beach and all ran straight into the sea. This was taken after and when I see this, it makes me remember those hazy days of backpacking with friends.

Credits: lamp

End of the Film.
@jonzy & I playing silly buggers with a few end shots – They make me smile all the same though.

And that is your lot!

written by lamp on 2012-04-27 #lifestyle


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