A Compilation of Self Portraits

“A compilation of your portraits and stories about them”. When I read that this was one of the requested posts back in March, I could not believe it, themes as beautiful as the next! I then got to the request for “SUPER SELFIES”, I have selected just a few, otherwise this post risks of becoming a mile long!

This picture was taken during a nice stroll to the city park of my city, with a Supersampler (I have the Dalek Edition HOT PINK!) for some time has been one of my favorite playmates! I admit that today I’ve been forgetting about it a bit but with the arrival of summer, surely I will start to take it with me once again!

The Supersampler, this time in black and white. It was a Sunday in March and was still really cold, but I wanted to go the beach at all costs… I love the sea in summer and winter!

Manchester. Diana F + and Fisheye lens accessories/camera-accessories/diana-20mm-fisheye-lens. We lived there for some time, and this picture was taken during a holiday. We miss Manchester! A lot of people can appreciate the t-shirts we’re wearing, and I must say that ’coupled is not bad!

Supersampler and the sea in winter…I’m a romantic at times! Improvised trips? I like it so much!

I think I already said that I have set out for the flea markets and there I realized that there are several mirrors where self portraits might end up really strange! (check out this album). The photo was taken with a Bencini Koroll II, me and my dad on a Sunday afternoon in spring, while we were hunting for antiques!

Double exposures taken with the Holga. The pictures I made while I was shopping in a supermarket. No big deal, but sometimes even the most mundane can jump off a nice shot!

“Bring your lomo always with you” I think is the rule that is most useful out of all the ten golden rules

Diana F + Mr. Pink and Fisheye lens /camera-accessories/diana-20mm-fisheye-lens. In the boat with my dad. The river is the Po and that afternoon, I enjoyed catching some rays and being in a place that is different from the usual! And of course I did not missed out on the chance to take a lot of photos!

I hope this little “trip” through some of my self portraits was fun! ’Til the next one! – www.prettyinmad.com

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