Magazine Update: Lomography Tipster Section Submission Guidelines


The submission guidelines show you what we look for when we publish a Tipster. We want to encourage personal freedom, but also point out what to think about when you submit a work to this section. Use the guidelines below when writing your Tipster article.

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A Lomography Tipster should give the reader new information about different ways they can use their camera, film or photography equipment to get the most exciting results.

Filling Out the Tipster Submission Form


  1. Must suggest the main focus of your Tipster article.
  2. Must be specific.
  3. Example:

LC-A+ Tipster
Tips for Using the Splitzer with Your LC-A+


  1. Must be at least 5, lowercase, and separated by commas.
  2. Must suggest the overall context/theme of your article.
  3. May include specific cameras, film types, or techniques used.
  4. May include relevant keywords and related interests.
  5. Example:

light painting, multiple exposures, pinhole, scanning, sprockets


  1. Must answer the basic who, where, what, why, and when questions.
  2. Must have 40 words maximum or 2-3 sentences.
  3. Must be different from the content.


  1. Must have at least 100 words (excluding the summary).
  2. Must have at least 5 photos and 1 header photo which will serve as your article’s cover photo or thumbnail. (Please see how to embed a photo below). All photos should be at least 576px in width.
  3. Must be well edited, clear, and concise. Try to keep your writing structured, interesting, and informative. Please observe the basics of capitalizations, grammar, and punctuations – but don’t fret, the Magazine Editors will do their best to make your article more reader-friendly.
  4. Try to wrap up your text by being conclusive and giving the reader something to take away. You may wish to close your piece with a thought provoking question or encourage debate in the comments section.

In most cases you will need to clearly outline the following:

  • What you will need: in bullet points
  • How to assemble: in chronological order with text
  • The process: what exactly needs to be done and how?
  • Words of Wisdom: any other advice to get the desired results.

Keep specifics in mind while writing. For example, the specific brand of equipment needed, exact chemicals for development or a good place to obtain certain products. End your submission by telling the reader what is the most important element when they try the tip themselves. Try to beg a question to others so you can find out what their results are like too!

*Submit your Tipster here.*

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Formatting Your Tipster Article

Basic Codes:

  1. If you want to use bold, just put the text in asterixes like *this text that will appear in bold*, which will result in this text that will appear in bold.
  2. For italics, just put it between underscores like _this short text_, which will result in this short text.
  3. To create bulleted lists, just put an asterisk before each item.


  1. For the Tipster section, a minimum of 5 photos should be uploaded. All photos should be at least 576px in width.
  2. Uploading photos: You can use the submission form’s Assets tool to upload your photos. Just click the “Browse & Upload” button to select the photos you want to use for your article.
  3. Embedding a photo: Use [Photo:photo-ID-number-at-the-end-of-URL] to embed a photo from your LomoHome, or [Asset:asset-number-of-photo-uploaded] to embed a photo that you uploaded via Submission Form. When using two or more photos in the segments of your article, they should be embedded as galleries.
  4. Embedding a gallery: Use [Photos:photo-ID-numbers-at-the-end-of-URLs] to embed photos from your LomoHome, or [Assets:asset-numbers-of-photos-uploaded] to embed photos that you uploaded via Submission Form.
  5. Adding captions: To place captions or subtitles under your photos or galleries, simply add the text in the very next line of the photo code. Whenever you’re using photos from other websites, make sure to include a link to the sources of these photos. (Please see how to create links below.)


  1. If you want to embed a video from your LomoHome, here is the code you should use: [Movie:number-of-video]
  2. If you want to embed a video from your LomoHome, here is the code you should use: [Movie:URL-of-the-video-from-YouTube-or-Vimeo]


  1. To include a link in your article, simply put “quotation marks” before and after the word, phrase, or sentence you would like to link, followed by a colon and the URL you would like to use.
  2. Example:



  1. Whenever you use information from other websites to help you write your Tipster articles, it is necessary to cite them as your references at the end of your article.
  2. Example:

_All information for this article were taken from "Website A":http://www.insertwebsiteAhere, "Website B":http://www.insertwebsiteBhere, "Website C":http://www.insertwebsiteChere._

Examples of Tipster Submissions

  1. Regular Tipster – From home-made tools to makeshift cameras, this is where we push the boundaries of the analogue world and discover that everything is possible!
    Saran Wrapped
  2. Quickie Tipster – Shorter than a regular tipster, Quickie Tipsters have little to no instruction process or extra equipment needed. People can do them with regular household items, then shoot and develop regularly.
    Quickie Tipster: Rolls of Color
  3. Lab Rat – Lab Rats share tips on film development, chemicals and most importantly how to get the most out of a lab or darkroom – or even how to make one.
  4. Camera Modification – Not for the faint hearted, to submit a camera modification you must modify the body of your camera to change the way it functions.
    LomoKino Fisheye Modification
  5. Tutorial
    From classic camera setting rules to the art of portrait photography, Tutorials are lengthier pieces about a certain subject.
    Laserjet Transfer on Mixed Media Collage
  6. Tipster with Video – Tipster submissions accompanied by a video help the community understand instructions better. The video must show the steps on the Tipster article and not just the final output.
    Origami Bank Notes SLR Camera
Credits: ahleng90

Important Notes

  1. The Magazine Editors will prioritize submissions which belong to the current month’s Requested Posts.
  2. The Tipster section has a special breakdown for Piggy Points:
    5 Piggy Points for accepted Regular Tipster submissions.
    10 Piggy Points for accepted Tipster submissions that matches a requested post.
    30 Piggy Points for an accepted Tutorial.
    40 Piggy Points for an accepted Tutorial that matches a requested post.
    Additional 5 Piggy Points for accepted Tipsters with a video.
  3. It is the Magazine Editors’ right to bounce or reject submissions which do not adhere to these guidelines.

We have updated the Submission Guidelines to the other Magazine sections as well. Here are the links: Locations, News, Reviews, and Analogue Lifestyle.

Got any comments, questions or feedback? Anything to help us make the Magazine better is welcome! Hit up a comment on this post or contact Erin or Jean if you want to discuss something in detail!

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