If Drawings Were Photographs

A pair of artists collaborated on a project that has a simple premise: what if drawings were photographs? Feeding their curiosities, Rob Matthews recreated Tom Edwards’ illustrations in photographs. Now why didn’t we think of that before?

Sometimes, an idea can be so basic that when you finally decide on it, you want to smack yourself on the head for not coming up with it sooner, as in the case of contemporary artist Rob Matthews and illustrator Tom Edwards, who decided to turn sketches into photos.

Photos via rob-matthews

As Matthews shares:

“Taking a selection of Tom ’s drawings, I recreated them as photographs. This project plays on the idea of drawing from real life by turning it on its head.”

Photos via rob-matthews

“If Drawings Were Photographs” was printed as a zine in 2009 but is no longer available for purchase.

Have any of you tried redoing drawings as photos? Share the results with us!

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