Hot Hot Heat: Desert Photography Tips


The beauty of a desert offers a great opportunity for you to take some beautiful photos. Utilizing the natural light and knowing how to compose your shots will greatly help you to come up with photos that you can boast to your friends.

Credits: hirocielo

If you plan on visiting a desert anytime soon, take the time to read the tips below so you can come up with amazing desert photographs that will capture the natural beauty around you!

Trekking on a desert is no easy feat. Think of the essential items that you need when going to the desert. Some items that you should consider bringing are water, snacks, hat, and sunscreen. Place your camera and films inside a plastic bag. It would also be useful to bring a tripod. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

Choose the Time
When taking photos in the desert, it is good to start early in the morning. This is when the sun provides a rich light that can help enhance the beauty of the dessert. You can also play with the shadows as the sun rises over the horizon. Another good time to shoot is early evening when there’s just enough light to provide a dramatic effect to your photos.

Composition is the Key
There are plenty of opportunities for you to capture some amazing shots in the desert. Keep the composition of your subjects in mind before you click the shutter button. Think of ways on how you can highlight the subject. Some things to keep in mind are the lines, shapes, shadows, and colors of the subjects around you.

Be Safe
There might be fascinating subjects that you might find in the desert, but you must also be careful and aware of your surroundings. You might encounter snakes, scorpions, and other creatures that you’re not familiar with. Although these are good subjects for desert photographs, it is always wise to be on the safe side and keep your distance.

View some awesome desert shots from our community:

Credits: hirocielo, jelga, mrs-paul, azurblue & suepop

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