Sipho Mabona's Stop Motion Origami Videos

Don’t blink or you might miss it! Watch these perfectly timed stop motion videos of folded paper art or origami by Sipho Mabona, shot by animation studio StopTrick.

Sipho Mabona was five years old when he folded his first paper airplane and has since become a world-renown origami artist.

Photo via thiscolossal

These videos were shot by stoptrick, a German animation studio that specializes in stopmotion, hand-drawn 2D, hand puppets, live action, stereoscopic 3D and miniatures.

Photo via thiscolossal

See “The Plague” by Mabona, a swarm of locusts folded entirely out of dollar bills, at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles until August 26, 2012.

Photos via mymodernmet

“Whodunnit??”, a stereoscopic 3D murder-mystery comedy by stoptrick is currently in the works.

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