One Day, One Film, One Life.


I am capturing what I do on a regular basis in 36 photos. This is something my narcissistic side can appreciate, being the subject and the photographer at the same time. All the photos here were taken on the 19th of March, 2012 with my Fujica ST605N loaded with a 200 ISO color negative film.

07:00 – My boyfriend’s alarm goes off. I have the day off, so no way I’m leaving the bed. We bought a new one and it is too comfortable.

09:00 – Sunlight woke me up. I didn’t mind because that guarantees a great start. Today, I am only planning to do fun things, that’s the advantage of being a graduate. We don’t think of the disadvantages today.

09:05 – Coffee and getting ready…

10:00 – Choices choices… what to eat, what to wear?

10:30 – I’ve been living in a cute Amsterdam neighborhood called the Jordaan for half a year and I love it! On Mondays, there is the Noordermarkt where you can find lots of treasures ( and trash…)

10:45 – I really love shopping for (healthy) groceries but when it comes to chocolate, I just have to have it and take it home!

11:00 – Listening to some music, surfing the internet… mail, Facebook, news, blogs etc…

12:00 – I had to repair a sweater that I knitted for someone (I have to make money in some way). I destroyed some of my old jeans shorts. These are things that I only do when I feel like it, and today is one of those days.

12:45 – Lunch. Avocado with eggs.

This is what I drag with me all the time…

13:00 – Drinking coffee with a friend. It’s her birthday so time for pie! As always, by bike was in between other bikes!

13:30 – Pie/scones/coffee and fresh juice at the Bakkerswinkel outside in the sun! Spring! You can always recognize my drink because of the lipstick mark.

14:30 – Strolling around town without money because the life of a graduate is (unfortunately) not filled with unlimited amount of Euros. But I like visiting the 9 Streets (really nice shopping area) for free! Unless I go into a store like the Lomography Gallery Store (located on the herengracht/wolvenstraat).

16:00 – Fresh mint tea. Trying to edit my thesis, but the sun was so distracting I got lost at page 3.

18:00 – Home again!

19:00 – Forgot to photograph my dinner. Too hungry. I ate a very delicious pasta with cheese/spinach and small peas, chicken and avocado. Result: dirty dishes.

20:30 – Me and my boyfriend go to the movies a lot, but today I wanted to spend the night on the couch.

22:00 – Cleaning my face, taking a shower and drinking my last cup of tea for the day.

23:00 – Another day has passed, with not that much adventure, but 36 photos were taken. And those ordinary moments are worth it. They complete my life!

written by merelgroebbe on 2012-04-03 #lifestyle #competition #35mm #daily #analogue-lifestyle #1-film
translated by merelgroebbe


  1. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I love this idea!

  2. 186juney
    186juney ·

    This is incredible! Inspiring!

  3. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    very nice idea, I love how shooting analogue can make the most ordinary of objects be inspiring!

  4. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Very nice photos and idea! :)

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