Mimicking the Masters: Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron was known for capturing portraits of well-known personalities during her time. Today, many photographers still try to mimic her photographic style. Learn more from master photographer Julia Margaret Cameron after the break.

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Although her photography career started late in life, Julia Margaret Cameron still managed to capture some magnificent portraits of notable people, such as Charles Darwin, poet and playwright Robert Browning, painter Sir John Everett Millais, and many more. She started taking photographs when she received a camera as a present from her daughter in 1863. Cameron was 48 years old then. If you’re a fan of Julia Margaret Cameron’s work, here are some tips that may help you.

Most of Julia Margaret Cameron’s photos are portraits of her friends, family, and some of the elite who came to visit her to have their portraits taken. Practice taking portraits of the people around you. You may not like the first few shots that you take, but be patient and you’ll be able to find your groove and gain your own photographic style when it comes to taking portraits. For Cameron, it took quite a bit of time before she took a photo that she was genuinely happy with.

When looking at portraits shot by Julia Margaret Cameron, there is a certain drama that tells a story. One might say that the portraits capture the emotions and personality of the subjects. When taking a portrait of someone, it is good to let them feel at ease before you start taking their photo. By doing this, you can capture their true emotions through the lens of your camera.

Soft Focus
You may notice that Cameron’s photographs have a soft focus. You can also try to mimic this style when shooting portraits of your own to come up with portraits similar to hers. An idea would be to use expired film. You may end up with just the right softness on your photos.

Capture portraits with black and white film to add drama to your shots. You can also play around with redscale film to achieve some hues that could improve the look of your portrait shots.

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