Spring Fling Series 2: Barbecues

If you’re in Australia and it’s a warm night, you most likely would be able to smell the barbecue in the air. We love our sausage and steak sangas and if we’re feeling adventurous, we might even throw in some kangaroo. Why not make it a romantic affair, get your loved one and check out this second installment of my Spring Fling series.

In case you haven’t read the first installment of this series, (you can find it in my articles) there is a place about an hour-and-a-half north of Sydney, Australia that I call “home”. This new series will highlight a bunch of romantic locations that if you ever come to visit, you should check out, especially if the weather is good, like in spring!

I have to clear one thing up though, we don’t throw shrimp on barbies, however, we could cook some prawns for ’ya! These photos below were taken for our Christmas card to be sent to friends and family over other parts of the world, playing on the stereotype.

We have this handy Weber barbecue, which is great for taking for picnics at the beach or whatever romantic location that suits you and your loved one. It’s also handy because it runs on coal bricks, the most annoying thing that can happen is when you’re all set for a barbie, then realizing the gas bottle is empty!

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