Wonderful Surprise from Eximus UWS


Eximus Wide and Slim – Another “clone” version of Vivitar UWS. Basically, it is the same camera with Vivitar UWS with black rubberized finishing casing. The new color combination, finishing and packaging of Eximus UWS had attracted me and it just looks smart and steady to me. Eximus UWS is a point and shoot 35mm camera with fixed f/11 aperture, 22mm wide angle fixed plastic lens and 1/125s fixed shutter speed.

It is a lightweight camera which never burden me during travelling. Besides, it is a completely mechanical camera which no batteries are required. Thus, I don’t have to worry about the insufficient batteries and charging issue during a long travelling.

Credits: yokekei

Okay, it’s time to share the reasons why I love Eximus UWS so much with all my beloved lomographers. Let’s check out how this little camera able to surprise us.

It loves to be everywhere, with everything and everyone.

Credits: yokekei

It’s able to freeze action easily.

Credits: yokekei

It allows self-portraits, which I like the most when travel alone.

Credits: yokekei

It can also create outstanding and unique vignetting (dark corners of the frame).

Credits: yokekei

It’s also well-known for producing lens flares when shot against the sun.

Credits: yokekei

It captures clouds and sky perfectly.

Credits: yokekei

It surprises us with light leaks.

Credits: yokekei

It likes to lean towards light.

Credits: yokekei

It performs the unknown “UWS Ghost” (theme from Flickr).

Credits: yokekei

Eximus UWS is a sun-loving camera which will only perform well during sunny days, unless you modify it.

Let’s see some examples showing how it performs under low light conditions:

Outdoor – shaded corridor loaded with film ISO100
Indoor – with certain light source loaded with film ISO100

You may also want to check a great night photo sample loaded with Ilford ISO3200 by kevin dooley

One important tip:
Please remember to avoid placing your finger or strap near the lens.

Happy Shooting!

written by yokekei on 2012-04-06 #gear #review #eximus-uws-35mm-lightweight-point-and-shoot-film-camera-uws-22mm-wide-angle-lens


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I love this camera too, it's so handy and quick in street shooting. One thing I don't like about the camera is , its rubberized body gets sticky in hot summer, a kinda melting..<:) Nice article and great fotos in the text...<:)

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    I had one of those ghost photos too, never knew what happened there, very puzzling, I didn't know it was a documented effect, thanks.

  3. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    @fash_on - yes, I have no idea why is this happen too... but I quite like it :)

  4. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    @wuxiong - yes, I do agree with you. The rubberized body gets sticky after 3 years. I had cleaned it with "multi purpose" cleaner last few months. So, no more sticky now :D the surface become "smooth" now due to the rubberized surface had removed.

  5. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    The UW&S family of cameras are fun and easily fit in my shirt pocket. Great review!

  6. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    Yes, the UWS family really cute and lovely

  7. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    thanks for the likes @jochan, @neanderthalis, @icuresick, @adi_totp, @fash_on, @tomkiddo, and @wuxiong.

  8. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Some of my best photos were also taken using the Vivitar UWS. Quite an awesome family indeed! Great review and photos!

  9. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    @plasticpopsicle, just visited your home and great that view many great photos took by UWS. I do like UWS family too. Can grab some extra units as collection as well. They are just too cute and lovely with affordable price :)

  10. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    thanks for the like @foodeanz, @niko_fuzzy, johnccc, @plasticpopsicle,@ jacob-siau and @ellirk,

  11. zekalinova
    zekalinova ·

    really nice photos you got there! :D make want to have Eximus for my own! :D

  12. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    thanks @zekalinova .... just grab a UWS :) it is fun

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