Lost and Found: Treasures at Grandma's


On a lazy Sunday, me and my parents decided to take my grandma out for the afternoon. We were planning a walk in the woods so I decided to take my new pride and joy with me, my canon AE-1.

Credits: nylaina

My canon AE-1 was still loaded with the test roll I put in so I was happy I could finally get some more shots.We did a little stroll in the woods and the area surrounding it. I took some great pictures of the beautiful scenery and some annoying chickens.

Grandma didn’t feel like going home yet so she wanted to take another stroll somewhere else, and then have some crepes or waffles. My dad doesn’t really get the whole aspect of Lomography so he kept going on about art photography and that I should focus on black and white pictures only. Right about then, I was composing a picture and he took my new canon AE-1 and tried it himself.

Credits: nylaina

After we got home, my grandma let me look through her cupboard and, boy what I found there! A real vintage Gevabox 6×9 made in the 1950’s, and two other cameras that I wasn’t quite familiar with. She said I could have the Gevabox, my day couldn’t go any better. That’s what I thought until I got home. I tried to figure out how the camera worked and how it opened to load film in it. When I finally worked it out and opened the camera, this little jewel sparkled in my eye. A used roll of film!

These are the pictures that were on it, they aren’t all that clear but on the negatives you can clearly see the pictures. Even though the scanned images are rubbish, I still consider this a real charm and a found treasure.

Credits: nylaina

I guess the day was even more perfect then expected. These are some pictures that were on my canon AE-1 test roll. The expired film really gave them a nice touch and I’m completely in love with them.

Credits: nylaina

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  1. dollymixture
    dollymixture ·

    What a magical find : ) Sounds like the best day ever :D

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