Expired Sensia 100: Double the Excitement, Double the Fun!


What I like most about using an expired film is its unpredictability. An expired film pretty much loses some of its known characteristics or not at all. So when using them you just don’t know what you’re going to get. What more if you push the film into extraordinary situations. Like this 2010 expired Sensia 100 for instance.

Because expired films are generally cheaper than the dated ones, I have more guts in doing lab rat works with it. Thus, experimenting on this expired Sensia 100. With its unpredictability, this roll can be very exciting and a whole lot of fun. Or how about doubling the excitement and the fun? I decided to do an experiment inspired by two of my favorite lomographers, stitch and boredbone. I’m like hitting two birds in one roll. To do an “imitating-stitch” work, I shot MX clouds shots, which this lomographer is known for. I did this for the whole roll. Whilst for the “boredbone–inspired” lab rat work, I soaked the finished roll into a mixture of water, powdered laundry soap, and a touch of fabric conditioner. I soaked it for a couple of hours. And here are the results!

The Inspirations. Photos by: boredbone and stitch

With Sensia 100, you expect purple-ish, red, and pink color shifts. But with expired Sensia 100, blue colors are quite defined, the reds are darker and the purple/pink colors are minimal. But of course, what I was more excited about was the effect of soaking the roll in the mixture I had. It pretty much affected the last frames of the roll only, maybe because I rewound it quite tightly. Still, the results were beyond my expectations. Even better was my take on MX clouds shots by stitch; it was decent enough.

So there, even if some shots were ruined by my experiment, it was very fulfilling. Also, it was very exciting and the joy of looking at these photos made it all worthwhile. When using expired films, always expect the unexpected. To give it more kick, do a lab rat experiment. Push them films to the limit!

Fuji Sensia 100 35mm yields lovely results no matter how it’s processed. When cross-processed, Fuji shots have huge contrast and a total colour shift towards green & cream, blue, or even pink – depending on your developer. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. joush
    joush ·

    nice article, I just got 6 rolls of 2004 expired sensia the other day. Can't wait to shoot them!

  2. boobert
    boobert ·

    @joush goodluck on that, have fun too.

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