University in the middle of the city: Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Arts


The Trefort kert is a small park in the middle of the city at Budapest. It has housed universities for more than 100 years. Currently it is the home of the Faculty of Arts at the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences.

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The Trefort Garden was first the home of the University of Engineering. When it outgrew the place, it was moved to its current location and the garden was occupied by the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine of the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences. The Faculty of Arts owned the place for ten years. Since I graduated as a philosopher, I also know this place very well; and since I started my education as a Science student, I also remember the previous function of these buildings.

The Trefort Garden is a very friendly and cozy place to study at. The buildings are old-school examples of university buildings although very different from the modern ones. They provide a very nice atmosphere for peaceful work. The garden itself is a really nice place for university citizens to meet with each other between or after lessons.

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Although the main routes and areas are usually crowded, there are quite many hidden and silent corners when you can have some solitude. Although most of the buildings have been renovated in recent years, in these not-so-frequented places, you can still encounter some smaller buildings in various states of disrepair, giving some melancholic atmosphere to the garden.

Credits: trychydts

Inside the buildings, you can also encounter some particularly romantic pieces of architecture. My favorite is the courtyard, which has recently been turned into a reading room. But if you walk around with your eyes open, you can always encounter something nice here and there.

Credits: trychydts

Vendégségben a bölcsészeknél - a Trefort kert (in Hungarian)

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