Parc de la Plage Jacques-Cartier


Situated in the Cap-rouge district of Quebec City, you can find this beach flanking the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

The Cap-Rouge district of Quebec City hides this beach, one rarity in Quebec City. Access is free and although there is a parking for cars, sometimes in summer you might have to wait before one slot gets free, so to avoid waiting inside a car the best way to get there is by bike. This park was created in 1992, and to reach the beach you have to walk through a maple forest, which shades and cools you in those hot summer days.

Once out the (small) maple forest, you find a narrow beach that stretches for some 3 Km the shore of the Saint Lawrence River. There you can find tables, which will attract families looking for a nice place to have a picnic. Also there are trails covering the whole beach, which makes for a easy and relaxing walk. Of course, the sand will make a nice place where lay your towel and take a sunbath. I’ve seen people also taking a bath in the waters of the river, although I think they are quite courageous of doing that (I am used to more clean waters!).

The views over the river are nice. You can see large ships passing by, going to or coming back from Montreal. Also it is a nice spot to have a view of Quebec’s bridges connecting the north and south shore. Altogether, it makes a nice place to take some photos while having a relaxing walk!

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