Slick and Skillful Seoul

These two tourism videos have more than the city they are promoting in common. They feature “experts” of two unique crafts. A boomerang expert with 100% accuracy demonstrates his marksmanship while blindfolded, and a balancing expert shows that nothing too large can’t be balanced on a hairpin sized point. Welcome to Seoul!

It’s fun to see both experts have a victory “move” which they perform after every successful demonstration – the boomerang expert raising his arm up and thrusting it down and the balancing expert clicking his fingers together in an exaggerated manner.

We wonder if there’s a photography expert out there who haven’t yet gotten their hands on a La Sardina Camera - Seoul Edition. Experts are bound to result from time spent snapping photos with this solid camera. Marks-people in training!

This article was inspired by this Kottke post.

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-03-23 #videos #lifestyle #seoul #korea #balancing #boomerang #expert

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