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This week’s featured lifestyle article is “Am I Too Old for Lomography?” Community member orchid questions his passion for analogue photography over his day job, shares his photos, and gets encouraging words from others.

“Coming from a third world country, we were mainly taught that a life cycle goes like this; school-university – work– help your family – work some more- get married – work harder. There was no time to discover things that you love to do or to nurture a hobby that will require you to spend an extra effort or an extra penny.”

Credits: orchid

“Then one day, you wake up. You are on your 30’s or 40’s, you completely forgot those days when you were good at something other than work—like dancing, singing, painting, writing or whatever it is—and now your whole being was consumed by economy.”

Photos by orchid

“I would like to believe that the art of film photography in general has no age limit. It is one of those things in the world that is open for everyone and anyone who is willing to embrace it.”

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We picked this post by orchid because every Lomographer has doubts about himself at one point or another, and it takes a lot of courage to admit these to others, which orchid has so openly done. The most vital lesson to take away from this is that Lomography is for anyone who believes the future is analogue! No special skills required, just a passion!

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