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Hey, it’s Friday — time to pick another batch of Articles of the Week! For the Tipster section, let’s see who won it. Clue: it’s about taking portraits of people! More information right after the stop!

Credits: rrohe

Portrait Photography is one of our Magazine themes for the month of March. Here in the Tipster section, one of our Magazine editors, jeanmendoza, shared 5 Tips on Portrait Photography and one of our community users, amandaglass, wrote about Portrait Photography Tips: Snapping Perfect Portraits.

But for the previous week, this terrific Tipster captivated our hearts! In his article, he shares with us that being a ‘terrible’ introvert shouldn’t be a hindrance when taking photographs of people. He said, “The trick was to just do it. After a while, I gained a certain level of confidence and I no longer cared what the person would think of this wild-eyed, wild haired maniac waving an antique camera in their face and asking to take their picture. Nor did I fear what they’d say. The truth is, the worst thing they can say is: “No.” And when someone says “no,” it’s good to just leave it at that and move on (this I don’t know from experience, it just seems logical).”

So whose Tipster was this from? It’s none other than *rrohe*! Read the full article — On Shooting Street Portraits.

Credits: rrohe

Congratulations, *rrohe*! You get 10 very fresh (not expired!) Piggies for your terrific Tipster!

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