Best LomoKino Videos of the Week: C'mon Baby, Do the Lomokino-motion!

Aren’t you noticing something? You don’t have to be too naïve, darling! And it looks like everyone’s getting the hang of it already!

Yes you’re right, the LomoKino is turning heads – from the most fickle of art snobs down to the hardcore film-is-not-dead believers – they are all enchanted by the magic it can do! As you know, this little movie-making tool doesn’t discriminate at all, you don’t have to be a film school graduate to use one, as long as you have a story to tell, a vision you want to materialize or just want to further play with your imagination, the Lomokino camera is here for you to make your analogue dreams come true – Everyone is a filmmaker!

Speaking of which, we have compiled videos uploaded by our community members who found the art of moving pictures an enjoyable experience, indeed!

Enter a new analogue dimension with the LomoKino. Lomography’s own 35mm analogue movie camera allows you to capture action and immortalize your story on film! Shoot 144 frames on any 35mm film and create your own cinematic masterpieces. Want to watch your movie the old-school way? We also offer the LomoKino and LomoKinoscope package!

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