'Hotter Than Sahara' Weather This Summer

Summer came unusually early as the UK hit a record-breaking 70°F and experts predict that it will be “hotter than the Sahara” in the coming days. Meanwhile, Brits looking to soak up some sun have started flocking to Bournemouth Beach. Why not make the Diana F+ Sahara your travel camera this summer?

Maybe it’s global warming, maybe the sun’s just raging. Whatever the weather, it’s summer!

According to The Telegraph, the UK will be hotter than parts of the Sahara desert as temperatures soar to 70°F—well above average for late March—beating the 68°F record at Lincoln during the First World War.

The world’s largest deck chair (8.5m high) at Bournemouth Beach was created by sculptor Stuart Murdoch, commissioned by Pimm’s, to mark the start of British Summer Time. Photo via dailymail

Sarah Holland at the Met Office said, “There will be really nice, warm temperatures and fairly unbroken sunshine through the weekend.”

Sunlight! That’s good news for any analogue photographer out there, right?

You know what’s even better news? Our new limited edition Diana F+ Sahara is now available!

Diana F+ Sahara

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to hit the beaches and I think this is the perfect travel camera for any balmy summer vacation!

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