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Known as the world’s largest hot desert, the Sahara covers most of North Africa and is almost as large as China! In spite of its size, this vast desert is still yet to be explored by more lomographers although those who were lucky enough to pay it a visit have shared their photos and experiences here in Locations. Got anything to do this summer yet? Check out these Sahara features after the jump!

Even with having the harshest climates in the world, there are still some interesting things to see (and possibly do) in the Sahara. It is also divided into several ecoregions given the variations in rainfall, elevation, and soil, which harbor specific communities of flora and fauna.

Photo by – a – l – b – e – r – t – o -

For his own Sahara encounter, - a - l - b - e - r - t - o -- went to Merzouga, which he considers as the best place in Morocco to get a taste of the spectacular Sahara dunes.

He writes, "Merzouga is a village in the southeast of Morocco, about 35 kilometers southeast of Rissani and about 20 kilometers from the Algerian border. To get there you pass through beautiful landscape and desert rock. We started very early in the morning and we stopped several times to take a ride in different villages with no tourist at all, meeting very friendly and warming people.

The village is most famous for Erg Chebbi, a Saharan erg, and it is for this reason a part of the itineraries of many tourists visiting Morocco. The erg (sand dune) it’s 50km long (North/South) by 5km wide swathe of sand that reaches a height of 350m. These are the biggest dunes that I have ever seen (you can do sand skiing) but you don’t feel the sensation to be lost in a sand sea because from the top you can see Algerian boarder and mountains. We arrived at 2pm by car and we organized directly, as touristy as it sounded, a day camel trip into the desert."

For more of his article, check out Merzouga, a Taste of Sahara

Meanwhile jelga's “pre-taste” of the Sahara came in the form of the town of Ghardaïa and the M’zab Valley before going to Seb-Seb.

Photo by jelga

As for locokid it was through the walled city of Tiznit in Morocco which brought him a wee bit closer to the famous Sahara desert.

Photo by locokid

Lastly, here’s another Sahara tidbit shared by jelga in the article, Ahaggar National Park: Plateau of Atakor and the Assekrem “In the heart of the desert, north from the town of Tamanrasset, lies the plateau of Atakor. Here, you will discover a less known face of the Sahara, with rocky mountains instead of sand dunes. As a matter of fact, the sand that covers other parts of the desert is the result of the erosion of the extinct volcanos on the plateau. Don’t let yourself be deceived by the apparent barrenness, this part of the Sahara is populated by touaregs and is actually full of life: strange trees (be careful, some are poisonous!), flowers, camels, donkeys, fenechs, beetles, birds, butterflies – even fish!”

Whether from Tunisia, Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Mali, Morocco, Niger, and Western Sahara that you choose as your entry point for a sizzling hot Sahara experience, make sure to bring along your favorite Lomography cameras, and share it to your fellow community members here!

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    Don't forget the very north of Burkina Faso where the Sahara ends and meets the Sahel... I wrote a location about this place some years ago.... here it is :)…

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