LOMO LC-A: Slide Success from the First Roll


We’ve got a simple formula for success: the Lomo LC-A/LC-A+ plus Slide Film = A perfect match! Check out our delectable selection of slide films, and the legendary Lomo LC-A!

Easy, No-Fail First Rolls from the Lomo LC-A

Ever wondered about those cool Lomographs bursting with a gorgeous riot of colours, knockout contrast and deep saturation? Slide film and the Lomo LC-A+ is the unbeatable combo! Your first roll is guaranteed a no-fail pleasant surprise, turning the most mundane things into fascinating Lomographic subjects! When loaded up with Slide film, the LC-A creates jaw-dropping Lomographs effortlessly!

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LOMO LC-A + Slides = A Perfect Match!

The LOMO LC-A+ – Pocketable, robust, and easy to use. Our faithful reproduction of the classic Russian LOMO LC-A retains the best qualities of the original – the moody vignettes, intense colours, contrast and saturation courtesy of the Minitar glass lens – and is equipped with extra features for added creative options!

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Slide Film – Choose from our selection below and see galleries of these films taken with the LOMO LC-A+.

Lomography X-Pro Slide 200
Citrusy tones, banging saturation and contrast – this is what you’ll expect from this emulsion. Made from the good ol’ favourite Agfa RSXII Slide Film, this one’s rediscovered by Lomography and is now made available for everyone!

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AgfaPhoto Precisa
Gives moderate grain and contrast, and an overall bluish cast to your images!

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Kodak Elitechrome ED 200
With the ED200, expect speed, smooth grain, and lovely saturation!

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See more ’pictures":http://lomography.com/photos/search?query=Kodak+Elitechrome+ED+200+

Kodak Elitechrome EBX 100
Daytime shots will benefit from this fine-grained, vibrantly-coloured film!

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Fuji Provia 100
Delivers just the right amount of saturation when cross-processed.

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Fuji Sensia 400
When cross-processed, this emulsion gives a huge colour shift!

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Diana+ Flash Adds a Burst of Colour!

The oh-so-radiant Diana+ Flash adds extra awesome-ness into your LOMO LC-A+ & slide film photos. By throwing off the just-the-right-amount of light, your photographs radiate with a soft glow. With the included colour gels, you’re free to add extra splashes of colour anytime you wish!

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My First LOMO LC-A+ Slides Rumble

For many us, the seeds of a lasting Minitar romance can be found in those first rolls of LOMO LC-A+ slides. We want to see yours! So make haste and go back through your archives, because you have only until Monday 13th July 2009 to submit the best photos from your first ever cross-processed LOMO LC-A rolls. Winners will get 5 Piggies each!

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Free Fujifilm Instax with Every Fuji Instax Camera

There’s still time to bag yourself 1 pack of Fujifilm Instax Mini when you purchase any Fuji Instax camera. Offer valid until 9th July 2009.

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    thanks for this! great primer for LC-A+ newbies like me :)

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