Everybody's Raving About the LomoKino HD!


We’ve asked some of the most trusted photography sites to try out and put our newest creation to the test, then share with us their thoughts about it. So, how did they find the find the LomoKino HD? Find out after the jump!

1. SlickPicks: Become a High-Tech, Modern-Day Charlie Chaplin with the LomoKino HD

“With the release of this one-of-a-kind device, shooting lovely lo-fi movies becomes less of a challenge and more like a piece of cake. Say goodbye to film rolls, editing software, and hours of laborious work—let the LomoKino HD effortlessly bring the techy Charlie Chaplin in you!”

2. CameraMania: LomoKino HD Shoots Digital Movies with Delicious Lo-Fi Look

“Artsy is no longer as “fartsy” as people used to call it before. Everything with a touch of art now sells! That delicious lo-fi look is no longer an exception, and has been making a comeback everywhere—including filmmaking! With the LomoKino, all those enticing lo-fi effects are within the flick of a switch. No films, no frills, just fuss-free hours of moviemaking!"

3. CoolCams: LomoKino HD Super Movie Maker

“The LomoKino HD is an intriguing Lomography masterpiece, both like and unlike any other cameras they have made before. This movie maker captures high-definition videos that emulate the beautiful analog effects created by the rest of their film cameras. So, if you’re looking for a movie camera that shoots with eye-catching analog flavor, the LomoKino HD may be worth a try.”

4. GoGoGadgets: LomoKino HD Blends Old School with High-Tech

“Nostalgia is now the name of the game, with tons of apps and filters for making modern videos look rocking retro. Now, thanks to Lomography, taking videos with a touch of nostalgic analog goodness is a breeze. The LomoKino HD is their latest offering for a new kind of filmmaking which puts together old school and high-tech!”

5. GotGizmos: Lomography LomoKino Lightning Review: Lights! Camera! And…Crank the Handle to Film the Action!

“The LomoKino was easy enough to use, but guess what, it got even more effortless! While you still need to turn the knob to commence filming, but after you’ve shot to your heart’s content (yes, no more films!), all you have to do next is transfer it to your computer, sit back, and watch your analog-rich digital masterpiece! What about the distinct lo-fi look you get from films? Well, one switch let’s you choose between different analog effects to add “flavor” to your movies!"

Curious about Lomography’s latest offering? Go ahead and click here to learn more about the LomoKino HD!

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    I pre-ordered mine! Can't wait!

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