Hiyyaaakk! The Ninja Diana F+ Workshop

With a simple item found in your own home, you can create a “splitzer” and split your photos into halves and quarters! We definitely had fun chopping, slicing, and dicing the photos at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore! Hiiiiyyyaaaakkkkk!!!

Group shot! A ninja will never show his face properly!
Spot the Ninja!

Since Diana F+ is the most versatile camera to date, we decided to modify it by creating a DIY Splitzer!


With a simple black tape, we split our photos into 2s and 4s!

The weather wasn’t very nice initially!

The heavy rain and cloudy skies got us worried before the workshop started but as soon as the workshop began at 3 PM sharp, the sun came out and the class spirits were no longer dampened by sad weather.

After the technical lessons and armed with Diana F+ and 800 ISO negatives, the ninjas were ready to shoot down Ann Siang Hill with their cameras!

LomoWalk is always fun when everyone has a camera!
Simple tool = powerful photos!
Ernest seems happy!
Check them out!!

We would love to hear from you too! Share with us your stealthy photos!

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our “Online Shop”: http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/diana-f-cameras/diana-f-cameras.

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