Splurge Guns, Cocktails and Bad Guys

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the movies? All this month in London, you can live the life of Bugsy Malone at Fat Sam’s Speakeasy. We went down the dark alleyway, looked for Joey the Violinist, took a flower for the boss and snapped all the action with the La Sardina!

For the next four weeks you can step inside the silver screen as Future Cinema bring Bugsy Malone to life at The Troxy, London. As well as watching the classic movie, you’ll be immersed in the world of 1920s glamour and gangsters as Fat Sam welcomes you to his club, and you meet the characters from the film in living, breathing technicolour.

We took the La Sardina and Flash, loaded up with X-Pro Chrome 100. Not only did the camera perfectly compliment our 1920s looks, but it also took some great shots, even in the atmospheric lighting!

The show is great fun, everyone gets involved and by the end we were all up on our feet, dancing and singing along. You can book tickets for Future Cinema Present Bugsy Malone here.

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