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Welcome to “Casa das Histórias”, home of the Portuguese painter Paula Rego’s storytales.

Credits: saidseni

Casa das Histórias is the name of the museum that houses part of the work of the Portuguese painter, Paula Rego. It is located in Cascais, a beautiful town in the seaside, 30km west from Lisbon. The building was designed by the Portuguese Pritzker-awarded architect, Eduardo Souto Moura.

Credits: saidseni

I find this building absolutely beautiful. It is easily recognizable thanks to its pyramid-shaped towers and the red-colored concrete used in its construction. I just love how its shape, color, and texture stand against the blue sky.

Credits: saidseni

The trees that surround the building existed there previously to this project and were incorporated in it. They fit perfectly with the building. When I visited Casa das Histórias on a sunny winter afternoon, they were casting their shadows beautifully against the orange walls.

Credits: saidseni

The entrance to the museum is free, but you’re not allowed to take pictures inside!

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  1. purepaty
    purepaty ·

    Really nice place to visit!!! Thanks for the tip!

    And also your pictures are really beautiful ^.^

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