LCA-Week 特別介紹: Lomo LC-A Instant Back+

春天與經典同行,趁著 LCA Week 的來臨,準備好你出遊的良伴,一起出發吧!可別以為 Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ 只為 LCA+ 而來,他一樣可加裝於 LC-Wide 身上,同享即拍即得得樂趣!

Lomo LC-A Instant Back+

喜歡著 LC-A+ 的獨特暗角,喜歡 LC-Wide 的超廣角,都可重複曝光與自動測光的他們,各自有著自己的擁戴者,但享即時享受即拍即看的影像嗎?現在只要把 LC-A Instant Back+ 裝上,這個曾經只是幻想的願望終於可以實現了!


> shot by LC-A+ | LC-A Instant Back+

Credits: tracyvmoore, roonandbeks, vicuna, reneg88, katinkaja, beni, bccbarbosa, renaishashin, copefan & deng

> shot by LC-Wide | LC-A Instant Back+

Credits: natalieerachel, lomographyparis, adzfar, iantheman & ndroo

這星期(3 月 25 日前),購買任何 LC-A+ 以及 LC-Wide 配件 結帳時輸入代碼 SPRINGACCESSORIZE ,更能享額外的 8 折優惠呢!

Lomo LC-A+ RL 擁有一切無人不曉而備受愛戴的功能、貨真價實的俄羅斯鏡頭、還有一個可跟 Instant Back+ 隨時互換的背蓋。請跟 LC-A+ RL 一起發掘 Analogue 的無盡可能!

written by shanti929 on 2012-03-22 #people #gear #review #accessories #instant-back #lca #lcw

The Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens lets you widen your world – yet it isn’t any wide-angle lens. Designed to electrify escapades great and small, it’s your ticket to the definitive Lomography aesthetic. Sweet saturation, high contrast, cutting-edge optical quality, unique bokeh, super-speedy aperture mechanism – the Lomogon is the ultimate Lomo eye on the world. Head over to Kickstarter now to discover everything you need to know about our latest invention, and save up to 40% on its final retail price with our amazing Kickstarter specials!

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