Excessive Blending In


Careful! Don’t sit on that theater seat, it’s occupied! We know…you can’t tell at first glance, but that’s because Lui Bolin isn’t just any old human being, but a chameleon! And though his changing colors takes much longer than the lizard (10 hours to be exact) he’ll steal their show any day!

Images via The Telegraph

Hiding in paint plain sight, Lui Bolin is the not-as-scary version of the Hollow Man. He works hard to earn his reputation as “The Invisible Man” as in order to blend in, like a chameleon, to any backdrop he spends over 10 hours being painted.

From the Yellow River to the house of Lanvin, Bolin belongs in all situations, environments, terrains and inner-circles.

Image via Laughing Squid

This article was inspired by this The Telegraph piece.

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