Winterclash Gets an Analogue Treatment with the LomoKino

Rollerblader Mark Heuss shares with his experience filming this year’s Winterclash rollerblading competition with our very own LomoKino. Read about his work and what he thought about going analogue for such a big event after the jump!

Here at Lomography, we all strive to document and immortalize our best moments and most significant events in film. With the resurgence of analogue filmmaking, thanks to the LomoKino, documenting in film got even more challenging yet exciting and rewarding.

LomoKino snaps by Mark Heuss. Photos via

For rollerblader and videographer Mark Heuss, one such important event worth getting an analogue treatment is this year’s Winterclash, an annual rollerblading competition held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Instead of the usual digital gear videographers go for when covering such events, Mark decided to try out the LomoKino, which he called “a small lightweight plastic wonder.” Now, let’s see what he came up with for his first attempt.

Pretty intense for a first, don’t you think? Our rollerblading shooter here took on the challenge of using 20 rolls of film and painstakingly scanning and editing each frame (144 frames, 20 rolls of film, you do the math) before finally putting everything together in a video. The finished product though, is well worth the effort, don’t you agree?

What does he say about the whole LomoKino experience? He tells

“This consisted of about a month of work. But it was worth it. In times of hi tech time-lapse 4k 100fps HDR 3D edits, it feels nice and refreshing to strive in the opposite direction by going analogue again. The LomoKino gives you exactly this experience, so give it a try.”

Great job, Mark, and what a masterpiece you did there with the LomoKino!

All information for this article were taken from and Winterclash 2012.

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