The All Seeing Walls

If walls and the bricks of houses could speak and tell their stories, especially the ones packed in centuries-old castles. Street artist Vhils sees faces, eyes, souls in such structures and chisels away at the raw block, as Michelangelo did, to release the entrapped people. His latest project took place in Shanghai.

Vhils (Alexandre Farto) is Portugal’s hot street artist and has a solo show at Shanghai’s 18 Gallery Magda Danysz from the 31 March through 6 May. His street art has taken him all over the world, the most recent city being Shanghai. The images below are of Farto’s street art which are portraits etched into the walls of derelict houses.

Images via Stick2Target

As do most street artists, Vhils gets to know the city more intimately than most as through chiseling away at old buildings in between skyscrapers he is made to spend large amounts of time outside in the urban environment as well as being put face-to-face with history crumbling away.

Watch him transform and personify the facades of walls into faces with expressions rife with emotion. It’s as though these walls have seen and been through plenty of hardships, which they have.

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor piece.

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