Santa Monica Pier


L.A. is Hollywood, is Bel Air, is Downtown, is Lakers, is Santa Monica, is Shopping is Fame, is MJ and LA is the Pier. This wooden Bridge with a whole lot of everything is quite a pillar of the Californian city, summing up what everything is about: Entertainment and recreation.

The pier is situated straight at the famous beach of Santa Monica and delivers restaurants, an aquarium, a school for artists, shops and an amusement fair. There you can have fun with a flat rate-ticket for your whole family. If I had kids I surely would go there to calm my offspring. In the end of the pier you can discovers loads of recreational fishermen. And I guess, that quite few of them need the fish as substantial part of their nutrition. If you want that fish is cooked for you, you might should check out the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant. And the cineasts might discovered a hint for Forrest Gump.

The actual movie was shot here and the restaurant is owned by the production company for the movie. On the pier, such as in any other part of L.A., musicians, actors and dancers display their skills, which are indeed very good. Interesting enough, on September the 9th the pier will celebrate its one hundreds birthday, I guess around that time will be great festivities and it surely is a special time to visit it.

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  1. stouf
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    Yeah Willie is back ! Great gallery mate !

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    Cool location Herr Willie!! :))

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    Nice location. The pics are great!

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    i was just there yesterday!!

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    Much better when you can see the pics !

    Great gallery Herr Willie !

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    Yeah - trippin again with the world´s famous TV guy :)

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    Wonderful! You make me want to move back to California!

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    Lomographer Was Here!

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    oops, i got so excited!
    Lomographer Was Here!
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