The Most Gracious Tutu


Hardly a ballerina but with as much, if not more, grace than one, photographer Bob Carey puts on a pink tutu to help fight breast cancer by raising money through selling items with logos of Bob on them. Check out some of the somewhat funny, somewhat majestic photos, and an in-action video after the jump.

Image via The Truth Of Beauty

Bob meant photographing himself in a tutu to be a one time thing, though it provided his wife Linda so much glee that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer he decided to take out the tutu from retirement and create The Tutu Project.

To date, there are more than 100 photos of Bob that are available on the project's website as prints. T-shirts are also available for purchase to raise money to help women in need who are battling cancer. Bob and Linda provide meals and rides to those who can’t afford transportation to chemotherapy sessions as well as to pay for alternative therapies that aren’t covered by insurance.

Images via The Truth Of Beauty

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