It’s Cake in Japanese

Those with a sweet tooth in Singapore will find this cake shop a heavenly delight.

K-ki Sweets (pronounced “Cake-kee” sweets) is a little pastry shop in Ann Siang Hill. But don’t let the small size of the shop fool you. It’s a very popular Japanese cake shop especially for those with a sweet tooth in Singapore.

Owned and managed by a very friendly couple, Kenneth and Delphine, this shop oozes a timeless charm where people take the time to enjoy the finer things in life.

What struck me most was that Kenneth is the man behind the cakes. Yep, he’s the pastry chef.

This was our first time trying out the cakes. But this was not our first visit to the shop. The first time we came to the shop, it was already closed even before the stated closing time. Kenneth told us that they’ll close early once they have sold all their cakes.

According to Kenneth, he bakes a limited amount daily to ensure freshness. So if you do want to try a piece of his creation, you’ll have to come early. Alternatively, you can order a cake through their “website”:

We were there at 3pm that day and the shelf was almost empty.

Luckily, we were able to try their Little Red Riding Hood (a dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry center) and Antoinette (a while chocolate mousse with a mango center). One bite and I knew why so many people are raving about this place. His cakes are good!

K-ki shares the premises with The Little Drom Store, which sells vintage cameras and stuff. It’s quite an eclectic mix there.

The shop is located at No. 7 Ann Siang Hill.

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