Portraits of Strangers: The Faces of Anti-Nuke Protest


Last March 11, 2012 marks the one year anniversary of the Great 9.0 magnitude earthquake that claimed more than 15,000 lives. Armed with Holga135bc loaded with Kodak Portra400, I roamed the street of Tokyo, fighting my way among tons of photographers to see how the people remember the unforgettable 3.11 tragedy.

My original intention was to spend the beautiful, Sunday afternoon by attending the “Peace on Earth” concert organized at Hibiya Park, Tokyo as a way of remembering the March 11 tragedy. Headlined to be attended by famous singers, environmentalist, directors, I didn’t have much expectation on this event, but opted to go as a way of showing my solidarity with the nation.

After few minutes of roaming around, my attention was fully shifted from the rock and roll band playing on concert stage, to the back portion of the park on what seems to be a small gathering of people. I initially thought it was an extension of the booths set-up for the “Peace On Earth” celebration, but seeing the banners, the megaphones and the arm bands, I realized that these people were gearing up for a different way of remembering 3.11.

These are the portraits of people that I don’t personally know. They trusted me to capture their message so that I may share their unified cry to the world.

The faces of the Anti Nuke Protest- men, women, kids, mother and child, husband and wife, friends, clowns, musicians, artists, rockers- anyone, everyone from all walks of life.

Their message is hard to ignore and their intention is straightforward- honoring the lives of those who tragically perished and caring for those who are left behind via complete eradication of nuclear power.

Banners are up, megaphones are ready and armed bands are securely placed. The protesters were ready to march and be heard. But before taking a step forward, everyone bowed down, cameras stopped clicking and the crowd grew silent. It was 2:46pm, the exact time the earthquake hit Japan. A minute of silence was offered. Please continue to pray for the complete recovery of the Japan’s Tohoku region and its people. No to nuke.

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