Super Selfies: Are You a Self-portrait Freak?


Why take a self-portrait? Do you like to take all the photos or do you want to be in all your photos? Read on to learn why I love taking self-portraits.

I asked myself this a long time ago “Why? Why do I love to participate in my photos? Am I a self-portrait freak?” I didn’t know because I’ve never thought about this before until someone told me “You are a self-portrait freak” and I thought “Of course not!!”. But 5 seconds later, I said “Yes I am!”.

It’s simple. I am in a world that I want to get in my pictures. The images that I can show consist of my life and me, and I am sharing my special moment with the world. Taking a self-portrait freezes time and that special moment deserves to be shared through the photo.

Walking around Buenos Aires after I finished an amazing circus summer season in 2011

How many times have you wished to do something you saw in a photo and thought “I really want to do it, I really want to go there, I really want to be that guy in the picture”.

The first time in Europe – Roman Coliseum – 2010

Someday, you will be there. You got it! It’s just an unforgettable second — a moment when you don’t care about anything else.

Cristo corcovado – Rio de Janeiro – 2011
As a fish

The most important moments will be saved in your senses. You are the only one who could recognize the importance of that moment and the memories that come with it. Why don’t you stop the time and get a ticket to go back to that special moment anytime you want?

Travelling to bolivian juggling convention -2009

This is just my vision, my opinion: everyone has a moment where they deserve to do a self-portrait.

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  1. shind
    shind ·

    love your self portrait shots. =)

  2. jonathansajoux
    jonathansajoux ·

    Thanks a lot!

  3. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    how can you be the only visible person inside the Coliseum? at launch time? :)) nice article and cool self pictures!

  4. jonathansajoux
    jonathansajoux ·

    I've never thought about it. A lot of people were there, I suppose is the angular perspective or all people decided to hide themselves just in that second for my picture ; ) I don't know.

  5. stfflndgshrs
    stfflndgshrs ·

    Cool photos! (: I know right. It's a bit disappointing to have captured incredible moments but not being able to be inside the shot to tell people that "hey, i was there in this amazing thing!"

  6. monamarques
    monamarques ·

    I like all of them! And hey! You came to Rio! =]

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